Principles for Other Procedures

Student Grievances

Students are to have clear procedures to follow when they believe that any of their rights, as defined in earlier sections of this Code, have been violated by a member of the university community. The local campus offices of the dean of students, affirmative action, and faculty affairs, as appropriate, will assist students in addressing their complaints.

Academic and Personal Misconduct

Clear procedures with specific information about the persons who are involved, timelines, and disciplinary sanctions are to be created and maintained at the campus level. These procedures are to be designed to provide students with procedural fairness and to ensure equal protection for all students and appropriate sanctions

Victim Notification

A person who is a victim of any specific misconduct for which disciplinary proceedings are conducted under this Code is entitled to participate in proceedings relating to evidence, but not the deliberative process in which the hearing officer or panel weigh the evidence presented and arrive at a decision. If the subject matter of the disciplinary proceeding involves crimes of violence or a sex offense and the accused is determined to have committed the act, the dean of students is required to notify the victim of the outcome of disciplinary proceedings in a timely manner.