I. Personal Misconduct Not on University Property

The university may discipline a student for acts of personal misconduct or criminal acts that are not committed on university property if the acts arise from university activities that are being conducted off the university campus, or if the misconduct undermines the security of the university community or the integrity of the educational process or poses a serious threat to self or others.

  1. Indiana University is committed to the promotion of a civil community both on campus and off campus.
  2. Indiana University regards off-campus activity, including but not limited to university-sponsored events, as an integral part of a student’s academic, personal, and professional growth. Thus, the university recognizes the right of all students to expect that the university will subject individuals to the same responsibilities and disciplinary procedures when conduct:
    1. Adversely impacts the university’s mission, or the tenets of this Code, such as altering academic transcripts, harassment of any kind, trafficking in term papers, use of a computer or other electronic device to obtain unauthorized access to information;
    2. Presents a clear danger to the personal safety of any person or the protection of any person’s property, such as alcohol and drug offenses, arson, battery, fraud, hazing, participation in group violence, stalking, or theft;
    3. Violates policies of an academic program and related facilities, including but not limited to an off-campus clinical, field, internship, or in-service experience, or an overseas study program.
    4. Is in violation of the Discrimination, Harassment, and Sexual Misconduct Policy, UA-03.