Part II: Student Responsibilities and Conduct

  1. In General. Just as students have rights, they also have responsibilities. Indiana University expects students to:
    1. Uphold and follow this Code, relevant standards of respective departments, units, programs and professional societies, and all rules applicable to conduct in class environments or university-sponsored activities on and off campus.
    2. Obey all university policies and procedures and all local, state, and federal laws.
    3. Facilitate the learning process, including attending class regularly, completing class assignments, and coming to class prepared.
    4. Plan a program of study appropriate to the student’s educational goals. This may include selecting a major field of study, choosing an appropriate degree program within the discipline, planning class schedules, and meeting the requirements for the degree.
    5. Use university property and facilities appropriately in support of their education while being mindful of the rights of others to use university property and facilities.
    6. Maintain and regularly monitor their university accounts including, but not limited to, e-mail and bursar accounts.
    7. Be responsible tenants when living in university housing.
    8. Respect the rights and dignity of other members of the university community.
  2. Academic Misconduct. Students are expected to uphold and maintain academic and professional honesty and integrity.
  3. Personal Misconduct. Students are responsible for their behavior, and are expected to respect the rights and dignity of others both within and outside of the university community.