Purpose of the Code

  1. The purposes of Indiana University include the advancement of knowledge, the pursuit of truth, the development and education of students, and the promotion of the general well-being of society. As a community, we share a dedication to maintaining an environment that supports trust, respect, honesty, civility, free inquiry, creativity, and an open exchange of ideas.

  2. Individual rights are best protected by a collective commitment to mutual respect. Students who accept admission to Indiana University agree to:

    1. Be ethical in their participation in the academic community,
    2. Take responsibility for what they say and do,
    3. Behave in a manner that is respectful of the dignity of others, treating others with civility and understanding, and
    4. Use university resources and facilities in appropriate ways consistent with their purposes and in accordance with applicable polices.
  3. Every Indiana University student is responsible for reading and understanding the Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct, as well as other expectations identified by individual schools or organizations relevant to an academic major, professional field, or on-campus residence. This Code is intended to identify the basic rights, responsibilities, and expectations of all students and student groups, and to serve as a guide for the overall student experience at Indiana University.

  4. Students are part of a large and diverse university community that includes faculty, staff, administrators, visitors and guests. This Code lets all members of the university community know what they can expect from any students with whom they interact, be it in the classroom, an office, or an on-campus residential facility. In return, students can expect university faculty, staff, and administrative personnel to see that their rights under the Code are protected.

  5. Indiana University students are also members of their campus’s local community. Thus, even those not affiliated with IU are likely to interact with students bound by the Code, the jurisdiction of which extends beyond the campus itself. The high standards set in this Code help to make these interactions pleasant and respectful.

  6. The Code also tells parents, guardians, and other supportive adults what the university expects of its students. It can assist them in helping make students’ time at Indiana University safe and rewarding.

  7. The Code has been developed collaboratively by the University Faculty Council, university student affairs officials, and student government.