E. Right to Freedom of Association, Expression, Advocacy, and Publication

Students are free to form, join, and participate in groups or organizations that promote student interests, including but not limited to groups or organizations that are organized for intellectual, religious, social, economic, political, recreational, or cultural purposes.

In accordance with the state and federal Constitution and university policy, the university recognizes the rights of all students to engage in discussion, to express thoughts and opinions, and to assemble, speak, write, publish or invite speakers on any subject without university interference or fear of university disciplinary action.

Students may engage in peaceful and orderly protests, demonstrations, and picketing that do not disrupt functions of the university, subject to appropriate regulation concerning time, place, and manner. If a student feels that this right has been violated, the student may file a request with the dean of students for an investigation and appropriate action.

Students who publish student publications under university auspices have the right to be free of university censorship. Student editors and managers may be suspended or removed from their positions only for proper cause and by appropriate proceedings conducted by the agency responsible for the appointment of such editors and managers.

Indiana University does not require a student group or organization to register and be approved by the university. Student groups and organizations must comply with all federal, state and local laws, as well as university policies.

A student group or organization may be authorized to use university facilities for extracurricular activities, subject to the procedures established by the dean of students on each campus.