Part Four

Dean of Students Decision on Additional, University-wide Sanctions

  1. If, after concluding any appeals, a student is found to have committed academic misconduct, the Dean of Students considers whether to impose an additional, university-wide sanction, based on the nature of the misconduct, any prior acts of misconduct (academic or personal), or both. The Dean of Students may impose (i) no university-wide sanction; (ii) disciplinary probation; (iii) suspension or deferred suspension; or (iv) expulsion.
  2. Within seven (7) business days after receiving notice of the final decision on misconduct and academic sanctions, the Dean of Students will review the faculty member’s report and any action by the unit hearing board, and will consult with the academic dean of the unit in which the student is enrolled. The Dean of Students then notifies the student either:
    • that they have decided that additional, university-wide sanctions are not warranted; or
    • that they are considering imposing an additional, university-wide sanction, which may consist of disciplinary probation, suspension or deferred suspension, or expulsion, and has set a date for an informal conference with the student to discuss whether such a sanction should be imposed. The Dean of Students notice to the student will indicate the following:
      1. that the student is required to appear at the conference;
      2. that if they fail to appear at the conference without good cause, the Dean of Students will go ahead and make a decision on additional sanctions;
      3. that the student may be accompanied by an advisor, who may advise the student but not speak or participate directly in the conference;
      4. that the Dean of Students is bound by the finding within the unit that the misconduct occurred, and therefore the only issues to be discussed with the student are the seriousness of the academic misconduct involved, the validity of any records maintained by the Dean of Students on prior acts of misconduct by the student, and the propriety of imposing an additional sanction;
      5. that the Dean of Students has no authority to reconsider the merits of the finding of misconduct or academic sanction;
      6. that the student may appeal any additional sanction to the Campus Review Board.
  3. When the Dean of Students is considering additional sanctions, they will also consult with the dean of the unit in which the student is enrolled. Ordinarily the Dean of Students will not impose an additional university-wide sanction without the concurrence of the academic dean.
  4. The Dean of Students notifies the student and the academic unit(s) involved of their decision on additional, university-wide sanctions. If no additional sanction is imposed, the matter ends there. If an additional sanction is imposed and the student feels that the sanction is arbitrary or disproportionate, the student has seven (7) business days to appeal in writing to the Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs (graduate student cases) or the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education (undergraduate student cases).
  5. If a sanction of suspension or expulsion is imposed, the Dean of Students notifies the Registrar, and the sanction is noted on the student’s academic transcript. A notation of suspension is removed by the Registrar when the term of suspension has ended; a notation of expulsion remains permanently on the transcript.