Part Two

Limited Appeal of the Finding to the Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs or Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education

  1. Within seven (7) business days of receiving the Dean of Students notice concerning misconduct, the student may appeal the finding of misconduct, the particular sanction imposed, or both.
  2. The appeal must be submitted in writing to the academic dean of the school in which the alleged offense occurred. The academic dean notifies the Office of the Dean of Students of the appeal.
  3. If an appeal is filed, the academic dean talks with the student and faculty member, either separately or together, at their discretion. If the matter is not resolved within seven (7) business days of talking with the student and faculty member, the academic dean convenes a hearing board composed of three (3) faculty and two (2) students.
    • The board holds a hearing on the issue(s) raised by the student. If the student appealed the finding that misconduct occurred, the board determines whether a preponderance of evidence supports the finding of misconduct. If the board concludes that the evidence does not support a finding of misconduct, the matter ends there. If the board finds that misconduct occurred, and the student has appealed the academic sanction imposed, the board may uphold or reduce that sanction. If the student has only appealed the sanction, the board decides only whether to uphold or reduce the sanction.
    • The board issues a written decision within seven (7) business days after the hearing ends. The decision sets out the board’s conclusions and the findings of fact and reasoning supporting those conclusions. The presiding officer of the board sends the decision to the dean of the unit, with copies to the student, the faculty member, the Dean of Students, and the academic dean of the unit in which the student is enrolled (if different from the unit in which the misconduct occurred).
  4. Academic units may, at their discretion, develop procedures (including timeframes) for addressing a student’s claim that after the conclusion of the academic unit board hearing they have identified new evidence that reasonably would affect a misconduct finding and/or academic sanction.