F. Rights of Students in the Conduct Process

  1. Students who believe that any of their rights, as defined in this Code, have been violated by a member of the university community, or that they have been harmed by conduct prohibited under this Code, have the right to file a complaint as outlined in Part III, Procedures and under campus procedures.

  2. The parties in a conduct process, defined as students who are alleged to personally have been harmed by conduct that violates this Code or to be responsible for such violation, can expect the following in the conduct process:
    1. A fair and reasonable process.
    2. To be informed of the procedures that will be used.
    3. To be given notice of the time and date of any hearing, and the Code provisions that may have been violated.
    4. An opportunity to be present and to share their perspectives.
    5. That the university will make a reasonable attempt to speak with witnesses and gather relevant documentation.
    6. An opportunity to review materials used in determining the resolution of the process.
    7. To be notified of the outcome.
    8. An expectation of privacy consistent with FERPA.
    9. Reasonable accommodations for disabilities.