II. Student Disciplinary Procedures

Indiana University disciplinary procedures determine responsibility for violations of the Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct and determine the appropriate consequences for violations of policy. The purpose is to safeguard the university community and provide a developmental experience for the student. The university disciplinary procedures are separate and distinct from any legal proceedings, and they are not conducted in a manner intended to hold in a court of law.

The procedures for imposing academic and disciplinary sanctions are designed to provide students with due process and procedural fairness, to ensure equal protection for all students, and to provide for the imposition of similar sanctions for similar acts of misconduct. At the same time, the procedures reflect the need to be concerned about the individual student involved in a particular case. The procedures therefore provide that the imposition of disciplinary sanctions must also be based upon a consideration of all circumstances in a particular case, including a student’s prior record of misconduct, if any.

The University’s ability to proceed with substantive determinations and actions in a particular case shall not be impaired by minor deviations from these procedures that do not have the effect of preventing a student from responding fully to a charge of misconduct.