Adoption Provisions

  1. This Code becomes effective on July 1, 2023.

  2. Effect of Adoption
    1. The adoption of this code shall not affect any student rights or responsibilities, any sanctions that were imposed, or any proceedings that were begun or continue to be enforced or upheld, as applicable, as if the new Code had not been adopted. Any proceedings that were begun before such date shall likewise continue as if the new Code had not been adopted.
    2. Acts of misconduct that are committed or processed after the effective date of this Code shall be governed by the rules and procedures included in this new Code.
  3. Any unit of the university may adopt additional substantive or procedural standards to this code, provided the additional standards:
    1. Are necessary to meet academic concerns or to comply with the professional or accreditation standards;
    2. Guarantee students in the unit a fair opportunity to be heard consistent with the standards of evidence and due process found in this code;
    3. Are enacted by the faculty governing organization of that unit; and
    4. Are approved by the chief student affairs officer of the campus.
  4. The UFC Executive Committee is authorized to approve modifications to the Code as adopted by the UFC until its effective date.